Bitcoin Volcano Bonds Approved, Trump’s NFT Venture, and Ethereum’s Deflationary Shift

Written by BTSE

December 13, 2023

Bitcoin Volcano Bonds Approved, Trump's NFT Venture, and Ethereum's Deflationary Shift

As the sun rose in Asia, Bitcoin’s (BTC) price showed stability at around $41,000 ahead of the upcoming U.S. interest rate decision. Despite a significant leverage flush and its largest daily drop since mid-August, it briefly recovered to $42,000 before falling again. Meanwhile, Ethereum (ETH) experienced a 1% decline, falling below $2,200. This period of slow momentum for both BTC and ETH contrasted with notable jumps in various altcoins throughout the day.


What to Watch Out for Today


1. El Salvador’s Bitcoin Bond Breakthrough: El Salvador’s regulatory green light for Bitcoin bonds heralds a new era in crypto-financing. These ‘Volcano bonds’, intended to fund a Bitcoin mining hub powered by renewable energy, indicate a bold move in national economic strategy. Why should you care? This could reshape how countries interact with cryptocurrencies and may offer unique investment opportunities. However, global market responses and regulatory developments need close monitoring. Long Bitcoin bonds, but watch for geopolitical ripples.


2. Trump’s NFT Gamble: Former President Donald Trump is launching a ‘Mugshot Edition’ NFT series, offering pieces of his mugshot suit and a dinner opportunity for bulk buyers. This move blends digital collectibles with political memorabilia, targeting a niche market. What’s the strategy? For collectors and Trump enthusiasts, this offers a rare blend of political and digital assets. However, the NFT market’s volatility requires careful consideration. 


3. Ethereum’s Shift to Deflation: Ethereum’s move to a deflationary model post-merge is notable, with its supply dwindling to 120,211,380 ETH. This trend, fueled by the burning of 1.2 million ETH, pivots Ethereum from its previously inflationary nature. Key players like Uniswap and Tether are significant contributors to this ETH burn. What’s the angle? Investors and market watchers should note Ethereum’s potential for increased value due to decreased supply. However, market dynamics, including external factors like regulatory shifts, can impact this trajectory. Long Ethereum, but with an eye on market trends.


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