Bitcoin Stands Firm Amid S&P 500 Dip, Google Cloud’s Blockchain Expansion, and World ID’s Rise in Chile

Written by BTSE

September 25, 2023

Bitcoin Stands Firm Amid S&P 500 Dip, Google Cloud's Blockchain Expansion, and World ID's Rise in Chile

Despite the S&P 500 falling for four consecutive days, Bitcoin (BTC) has maintained a stable trading range, indicating that crypto traders are not hastily exiting the market. This stability is underscored by Glassnode data, suggesting that Bitcoin is increasingly held by committed investors, with short-term holders possessing the smallest amount of Bitcoin supply in over a decade. 


What to Watch Out for Today


1. Google Cloud Dives Deeper into Blockchain: Google Cloud is expanding its blockchain horizons by adding 11 more networks to its BigQuery program, including notable names like Polygon and Polkadot. What’s the big deal? This means users can access historical blockchain data more swiftly and efficiently, opening doors to comprehensive crypto landscape views and multi-chain analyses. Despite the ongoing “crypto winter,” Google Cloud is showing no signs of slowing down in blockchain investment. A deeper dive into blockchain? Sounds like Google is in it for the long haul.


2. World ID Sign-Ups Hit 1% of Chile’s Population: Over 200,000 Chileans have jumped on the World ID bandwagon since the Worldcoin (WLD) project launch in July. Why does this matter? It signifies a growing demand for digital identity protocols, even with Worldcoin under the investigative lens in several countries. With over 1% of Chile’s population on board, it’s a trend worth watching.


3. Security Alert for OpenSea API Users: OpenSea, a major player in the NFT marketplace, has sounded the alarm on a third-party security breach. What’s at stake? Users’ API keys are potentially exposed, prompting an advisory to switch them out pronto with the deadline set for October 2. While immediate effects are not anticipated, it’s a heads-up for possible rate and usage limit impacts. Following a string of similar incidents, it’s a reminder to stay vigilant in the crypto sphere. Keep those digital eyes peeled!


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