Bitcoin Sets Sights on 75K; MicroStrategy Doubles Down; BlockFi’s Billion Dollar Settlement

Written by BTSE

March 7, 2024

The crypto market’s recent dynamics have been a whirlwind of highs and lows, with Bitcoin’s exhilarating surge above $69,000, followed by a precipitous fall, only to see a rapid recovery back to $67,000. Despite the token’s rapid movements, analysts such as those at Swissblock expect this correction to be a ‘V-shape’ – leading up to a further push to $76,000. Parallels can be drawn between Swissblock analysts’ predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum’s performance this week – which, after hitting highs of $3.8K, rapidly fell to around 3.3K. However, for Ethereum – its weekly high came only after its rebound from its lows of 3.3K. Could Bitcoin follow the same path?


MicroStrategy’s Doubles Down on Its Bitcoin Bet: In a further display of confidence in Bitcoin’s future, MicroStrategy has upped its convertible debt offering to $700 million, a $100 million increase from its initial proposal. This strategic move aims to expand its already substantial Bitcoin holdings, betting on a future where Bitcoin’s value continues to rise. The notes, priced with a 42.5% premium over the March 5 close, reflect an optimistic outlook on Bitcoin’s price trajectory. MicroStrategy, led by Bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor, boasts the largest Bitcoin portfolio of any publicly traded company, with its actions reinforcing its bullish stance on the cryptocurrency. Will MicroStrategy’s continued investment in Bitcoin influence other corporate entities to follow suit in the cryptocurrency investment arena?

UK’s Strategic Move Towards Crypto Regulation: The United Kingdom’s Treasury has initiated a consultation process to implement the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) crypto asset reporting framework. This development marks a significant step towards regulating the crypto market, with the new standard aiming to address tax non-compliance. The OECD framework, set to be enforced in 2026, reflects a global shift towards ensuring transparency and compliance in the burgeoning crypto sector. With the Treasury estimating substantial revenue from this move, the consultation underscores the UK government’s commitment to aligning crypto operations with international tax standards. How will the implementation of the OECD framework affect the crypto market’s landscape in the UK and potentially set a precedent for global crypto regulation?

BlockFi’s Billion-Dollar Settlement Marks a Turnaround: BlockFi’s recent “in principle” agreement with the estates of FTX and Alameda Research, totaling nearly $1 billion, marks a significant milestone in the aftermath of the FTX collapse, offering a glimmer of hope for full recovery to BlockFi’s customers. This settlement not only underscores the tangled web of relationships between these crypto entities but also highlights a pivotal moment of resolution and potential rebirth for BlockFi. With $874.5 million in claims against FTX and Alameda Research, including a $250 million secured claim, BlockFi stands on the brink of recuperating substantial value for its stakeholders. This development, pending judicial approval, could redefine recovery pathways for companies entangled in the crypto market’s volatility. The settlement agreement, characterized by the waiver of “clawback” claims by FTX, paves the way for a more streamlined resolution process, reflecting a concerted effort to prioritize customer and creditor interests. How could these massive transfers of funds between crypto companies move the market going forward?


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