Decreasing Max Leverage for ApeCoin Perpetual Futures (APE-PERP) to 20x

Written by BTSE

April 18, 2024

BTSE Important Update

Starting on April 24, 14:00 (UTC +8), the max leverage allowed for trading ApeCoin Perpetual Futures (APE-PERP) will be decreased from 50x to 20x. 

This is in response to weakening demand for ApeCoin futures trading on BTSE. 

Please note that the maintenance and initial margin requirements will increase correspondingly. Here are the requirements for risk limit level 1.

  • New Initial Margin %: 5% 
  • New Maintenance Margin %: 4.5% 


This change will affect the liquidation price of your futures position in this market. Please add more margin or decrease your position size before this change, in order to prevent liquidation.

If you are running a trading bot in this market, please make sure that you have enough margin assets to meet the new margin requirements. If you don’t have enough, your bot may be closed or liquidated.

Additionally, the ROE % on your futures trading interface may change. However, your unrealized P&L will not experience changes. 

If you have further questions, please contact us at




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