AMA Roundup: The Motorverse & REVV Token on BTSE

Written by BTSE

March 11, 2024

In an AMA session on X Spaces titled Revving Up the Web3 World: BTSE x Motorverse, BTSE joining forces with the innovators from Motorverse to discuss the thrilling intersection of digital vehicle culture and blockchain technology. This session offered attendees a rare glimpse into how Motorverse is driving the future of motorsports and digital collectibles through Web3 innovations.

The AMA featured insights from BTSE’s content lead, Melissa, alongside Matt Solomon,
Motorverse’s brand ambassador; Will Griffith, head of Ecosystem; and Stefan Walter, product director. The panelists shared their journey, strategic visions, and exciting features that define the Motorverse project.

Motorverse’s ecosystem token, REVV, is available for spot trading on BTSE. 


Accelerating into the Web3 Lane


Motorverse, a pioneer in integrating motorsports with blockchain, is steering the digital vehicle culture into the future. Matt Solomon recounted his transition from a professional racer to becoming a brand ambassador for Motorverse, emphasizing the seamless fit between motorsport enthusiasts and the financial literacy required in Web3.

Will Griffith highlighted the ecosystem’s unique proposition, offering interoperable digital collectibles across multiple gaming platforms. Motorverse’s ambitious roadmap aims to create a billion-strong community of motorsports fans, racing gamers, and crypto enthusiasts. The recent launch of their AAA Web3 racing game, already boasting impressive download figures, marks a significant milestone in achieving this vision.

Stefan Walter, celebrating his first anniversary with Motorverse, brought attention to the blend of high-quality gaming experiences with real-world automotive perks for digital asset holders. This approach underscores Motorverse’s commitment to enhancing the gaming and vehicle ownership experience in the digital age.


The Fuel Behind Motorverse: REVV Token


A significant focus of the AMA was the REVV token, integral to the Motorverse ecosystem. Serving as both a store of value and a utility token, REVV connects the diverse elements of Motorverse, rewarding community engagement and facilitating unique experiences. The panelists shared insights into upcoming utility expansions for the REVV token, underscoring its central role in the ecosystem’s economy.


Navigating Challenges and Racing Towards the Future


Reflecting on the journey, the panelists shared the challenges faced in aligning the fast-paced developments of the crypto world with the meticulous process of game development. The resilience of the Motorverse team through the bear market and their strategic acquisitions set the stage for significant growth ahead.


Joining the Motorverse Journey


For those eager to dive into the Motorverse, the panelists recommended following their Twitter handles @TheMotorverse and @TorqueSquad and visiting With newsletters, Telegram, and Discord channels, enthusiasts can stay at the forefront of Motorverse’s developments.


Final Lap


This AMA session offered a comprehensive overview of Motorverse’s ambitions to revolutionize digital vehicle culture through Web3. From the foundational role of the REVV token to the anticipation of new games and partnerships, the future of Motorverse promises to be as dynamic and thrilling as the motorsport world itself.

Stay tuned to BTSE’s blog for more insights into the fascinating intersection of technology, finance, and digital culture as we continue to explore the evolving landscape of Web3.

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