4 Base chain tokens to trade on BTSE

Written by BTSE

June 28, 2024

4 Base Chain Tokens to trade on BTSE

Base chain is one of the hottest new chains in crypto. Last week, we wrote an in-depth article on the merits of Base chain and why everyone is talking about it. This time around, we’re highlighting four Base chain tokens that traders can trade on BTSE.

Here we go!


Degen (DEGEN) – Yes, there’s actually a token called Degen



DEGEN is one of the most successful memecoins to be launched on Base chain thus far. 

DEGEN has evolved from one of the first community tokens to become a native gas token, meaning that it’s now so commonly used that it can now be used to pay for Ethereum gas fees. 

The growth of DEGEN has been nothing short of remarkable from both community and utility perspectives. And for airdrop hunters –  a whopping 70% of its tokens are allocated for community airdrops. 


Trade DEGEN now



Brett (BRETT) – the Unofficial Mascot of Base Chain



For Brett (BRETT), this memecoin has unofficially become the cultural mascot of the Base chain. Its dominance is evident, currently leading the charts as the largest market cap Base token. 

Additionally, as a memecoin driven by community engagement, 85% of its total supply is allocated to liquidity pools. BRETT holds tremendous potential through strong partnerships with leaders in the crypto space and enjoys massive community support.


Trade DEGEN now



Friend.tech (FRIEND) – Decentralizing Social Media



Launched in August 2023, Friend.tech (FRIEND) is a decentralized, blockchain-based social network featuring private group chats that are accessible via keys. These “Keys” provide access to private chatrooms and exclusive content. 

The platform operates on a social-token driven model and adopts a community-based approach for creators, influencers, artists, and more, combining social interaction with monetization. Originally based on the Base Ethereum L2 network, Friend.tech is now preparing to launch a new network called Friendchain in partnership with the Conduit infrastructure platform, with FRIEND as the active gas token. 


Trade DEGEN now



Skull of Pepe (SKOP) – Memecoin Offshoot of Pepe



SKOP’s strength lies in its founders and community. Co-founder Jagged has been one of the biggest supporters and market-makers for Pepe-based NFTs and artwork, while his partner Trystan has emerged as a prominent figure in the meme art scene, specializing in 3D NFTs. Needless to say, the Pepe community is one of the most dedicated out there, with Matt Curie, the founder of Pepe the Frog, actively encouraging his fans.


Trade DEGEN now



Trade these four Base chain tokens on BTSE now!

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