2024 Crypto Landscape: Revival Hopes, Leadership Changes, and Tether’s Bold Move

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December 27, 2023

2024 Crypto Landscape: Revival Hopes, Leadership Changes, and Tether's Bold Move

Last night in Asia, Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a sharp drop below $42,000, while Ethereum (ETH) also fell, reaching below $2,200. Coinglass data indicates that the total value of liquidated positions in the cryptocurrency market has surpassed $250 million. This market shift has affected over 100,000 investors, predominantly those with long positions. Meanwhile, Solana (SOL) saw an 8% decline over the past 24 hours but managed to stay above the $100 mark. This indicates significant volatility and a challenging environment for cryptocurrency investors.


What to Watch Out for Today


1. Crypto Venture Capital Outlook for 2024: After a 68% decline in funding in 2023, top crypto VCs like Animoca Brands and Coinbase Ventures remain hopeful for 2024. They’re betting on better regulatory frameworks and increased institutional participation to revive the market. Watch out for investments in crypto infrastructure and consumer applications. Interested in crypto’s future? Keep an eye on these VCs’ moves for investment clues.


2. Grayscale Leadership Shake-Up: Barry Silbert has stepped down as Grayscale’s chairman, with Mark Shifke taking over. This change could signal new strategies for the digital asset manager. If you’re following crypto asset management trends, this development might be crucial for future investment decisions.


3. Tether’s Strategic $1B USDT Mint: Tether minted $1 billion new USDT, not yet in circulation, to boost inventory. This move, aimed at meeting anticipated demand, raises questions about market impact and transparency. Keep a close watch on Tether’s actions for insights into stablecoin market dynamics and investment opportunities.


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